Concider Me Romantic. Now @Snow

Todd grinned, stepping back to look at his work. He had covered Snow’s door in red and pink post it notes, each with its own little cheesy valentines day saying. In the middle he had placed a big version of the valentines card he had made her with a big picture of them. Right underneath that was a red envelope, inside was a hand drawn map and letter telling her to bring a flashlight, a giant coat, a empty jar, a piece of chalk, and a tooth brush. He had made a sort of scavenger hunt for Snow, leading her on one of Todd’s favorite less traveled paths around the school. He smiled big again before heading to the staircase he knew Snow favored, setting a giant teddy bear with her name written on a big red bow around its neck at the top of the stairs. He checked the copy of her schedule again, making sure he had planned everything perfectly. He had payed a couple of freshmen kids to deliver a bouquet of flowers to Snow in each of her classes, a different type of flowers for each class. He smiled, sitting down and sprawling out on their couch in the common room, the first destination on the map he had left her. Now he waited.

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